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Concrete Screw

  • Fast installation: drill a hole & drive an anchor.
  • Replaces small diameter expansion anchors, plugs and screws in light to medium duty applications.
  • No need to pre-spot hole.
  • No inserts are required.
  • Reversible and removable.
  • Can be installed close to an edge.
  • Thread design results in increased pullout values and lower installation torques.
  • Climaseal ™ coating provides extra corrosion resistance.

  • Electrical junction boxes
  • Conduit clips
  • HVAC strapping
  • 2 X 4 lumber
  • Wood headers
  • Furring strips
  • Hurricane shutters
  • Window frames, jambs and sills
  • Door frames to masonry
  • Plywood backer boards to masonry
  • Exterior insulation to masonry


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